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Globeius will distribute Mouldpro ApS’ line of high-temperature water and oil hose assemblies that are designed to function at temperatures up to 327 F (164 C).

A new line of mold hoses from Mouldpro ApS (Ballerup, Denmark), which will be distributed in North America by Globeius Inc., are designed for conveyance of water, oil and chemical media in high-temperature conditions. Water Pump With Suction Hose

High-Temperature Hoses |               Plastics Technology

The T series of Mouldpro high-temperature water and oil hose assemblies is designed to work at temperatures as high as 327 F (164 C), compared to standard mold water hoses that typically operate at around 212 F (100 C).

The T series hoses are constructed of low-profile helically convoluted PTFE, which is reinforced with stainless steel overbraids. Hoses with silicone red and blue covers are also available. In addition to being made in Europe, Globeius noted that the hoses are in stock at its headquarters in Miami and ready for fast delivery.

Globeius will be distributing Mouldpro ApS’ new high-temperature water and oil hose assemblies. Photo Credit: Globeius

For most injection molding jobs, cooling is 95% of the cycle time.

Injection molders are warming up to the idea of cycling their tool surface temperature during the molding cycle rather than keeping it constant.

Dirty, rusty, smelly water can wreak havoc with even the most meticulous process-cooling program. Here’s how to make sure your water is up to the task.

High-Temperature Hoses |               Plastics Technology

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